Principal InvestigatorLead InstitutionCollaborators
Automated Construction Quality Monitoring and Inspection Protocols using Uncrewed Aerial VehiclesHasan OzerASU
Use of Innovative Geosynthetics to Improve the Resiliency of Highway Embankment Slopes Under Extreme Climatic ConditionsBora CetinMSUASU, PVAMU, TAMU
Asset Management of Bridges Using Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles and Machine Learning ModelsSurya CongressMSUTAMU, MSU
Impact of Climate Change on Road Maintenance Budgets and PracticesMuhammed KutayMSUASU
Adopting Construction 4.0 Concepts to Enhance Execution and O&M Phases of Transportation Infrastructure ProjectsVahid FaghihiPVAMU
A Smart IoT-Based Detection System for Remote Earth Movement of Highway EmbankmentJobair Bin AlamPVAMU
Environmental Impact and Lifecycle Costs of Electricity Charging and Hydrogen Refueling Stations to Support Future Advanced VehiclesRaghava KommalapatiPVAMURutgers
Smart Transportation Technology WorkshopYonggao YangPVAMU
Identification and Elimination of Barriers to Technology Transfer at HBCUs and MSIsApril LoveladyPVAMU
Integration of Equity and Justice in Transportation Asset ManagementVassiliki DemetracopoulouRUTGERSPVAMU, TTI
EDC-7 Pilot Evaluation of Strategic Workforce Development for Justice-Challenged YouthTodd PisaniRUTGERSPVAMU
Enhancing Durability of Stabilized Soils for Resilient Transportation Infrastructure Under Extreme Weather ConditionsDallas LittleTAMUMSU
Optimizing Asphalt Mixture Performance Testing for Balanced Mix DesignAmy Epps MartinTAMURutgers
The Impact of EV Infrastructure on Transportation RevenuesBrianne GloverTTI
Necessary Infrastructure Accommodations for Automated Trucks and Truck PlatoonsCurtis MorganTTI
Highway Construction Workforce Partnership – Creating the Next Generation Heavy Highway WorkerCharles GurganusTTIBlinn
Infrastructure Funding and Policy Considerations for EVs: A Life-Cycle Based AssessmentJacqueline KuzioTTI
Increasing the Lifespan and Resiliency of Bridge Superstructure Concrete Through Durability-Based Performance EvaluationAnol MukhopadhyayTTIRutgers